The Nordic room is a Shopify-based home design store. It was founded by Liat Dvir, who has always been fascinated by the effects of interior design on human behavior and the way it makes them feel. Inspired by Scandinavian interior design she founded a Shopify store that focuses on a modern Scandinavian design using natural materials, simple lines, and providing a modern look.

The challenge: Earn more from mobile customers

In this case study, we’ll try to stick to numbers and concrete data, so let’s start:

The Nordic Room drives traffic of 5000-10000 customers per month.

While on average, e-commerce stores have approximately 68% of their traffic from mobile devices, The Nordic Room’s traffic from mobile accounts for 85% of their customers. This is usually the case for stores with a younger audience.

Store owners can probably relate to those numbers since mobile traffic continues to grow year after year.

Mobile traffic on eCommerce

While having a lot of mobile traffic can be great, store owners should make sure they focus on the mobile experience of their store.

Unfortunately, many sellers fail to do so. A quick google search shows that the conversion rate on desktop is 20%-30% higher than the conversion rate and LTV (Lifetime value) on mobile devices. The reason is that sellers fail to use the best qualities of the mobile experience and they just take a desktop store, make it responsive, and… that’s it.

A true mobile experience should be much more visual, fast, and entertaining. Just think of the most successful apps that you are using today and you’ll see what we mean.


The Nordic Room had a decent mobile store, it was responsive and loaded fast enough, but just like other store owners feel, it just wasn’t enough and the CTR and LTV were much lower than on desktop.


The tool: Swipify Shopify app

This is where Swipify comes into the picture. You can learn more about Swipify app on the Shopify app store, but in a nutshell, Swipify provides a tinder-like experience on your mobile store. So customers swipe right if they like an item, left if they don’t like the item, and swipe down to add to the cart.

The average store sees a huge increase in performance while providing an exceptional user experience that helps to stand out from the crowd

From the Swipify Shopify app dashboard after installation

The results: A huge increase in customers engagement and CTR

After a very quick onboarding process, we were all set. Liat and her team sent the new swiping mode link of the Nordic Room to their customers on social and mailing lists and asked for feedback. The responses were exceptional, they loved it, shared it with their friends, and reported that the experience was really amazing.

That was great, but after all is said and done, we need to see the numbers tell the same store.

About a month after Swipify was installed in the Nordic Room we could see the results. Here are some numbers from our google analytics:

Swipify - shopify improve - google analytics

Yes… the results were surprisingly good. Turns out that people loved the swiping shopping experience in the store, they watched 1028% more products per session and spent on average 7:01 minutes in the store – that’s 400% more than the average 1:44 minutes on mobile without Swipify.

Amazing right? well, that’s not even the best part, when we watched the “add to cart” numbers we saw that 23.7% of the customers added one or more items to the cart. Now the “abandoned cart” app is generating better revenue as well. Not only that, but customers are coming back for the experience, bringing their friends as well

All these amazing stats led to an awesome improvement in conversion, 4.8% of the customers who opened Swipify also bought something, that’s a huge bump from the 2.9% conversion rate Nordic Room has today with customers that use the regular mobile store without Swipify.

So… we can definitely call it a success story, we can easily see how Swipify made a real difference, and not only on the bottom line with the wapping CTR increase but also in all the metrics that show how the customers love to be in the store when using Swipify. Those customers are likely to come back and buy again.