Q: Can I get a short walk-through of Swipify?

Sure! After installing the app, mobile customers will see a Swipify floating icon at the bottom of the screen while entering your regular store.

If they choose to tap it, they will enter the Swipify view and experience, with your products:

Fully detailed screen:


Q: How can I test the app before showing to customers?

You can have your app disabled by clicking the “disabled” button on the settings page. Than, by clicking the “Preview” button you will see your store with Swipify view (remember that Swipify works only on mobile so click the Preview button while on mobile or copy link and paste on your mobile device)



Q: Does Swipify have its own checkout page?

No, for checkout we direct the customer to your regular checkout page.


Q: Is this app for everyone?

If you have no mobile traffic, the app won’t be able to help you.

If you have less than 8-10 products, it probably won’t make sense to install the app because the discovery part is quite slim.


Q: What to do if I already have an icon on the bottom right side of my app?

You can change the floating icon position at the settings screen:


Q: How does Swipify get the customer’s mail?

We ask the customers for their mail along the shopping experience when our calculation shows that he is most likely to agree. The customer can skip the mail request by a click of a button.


Q: Where will the floating icon be shown?

mobile customers will see a Swipify floating icon at the bottom of the screen while entering your regular store.

The Swipify icon won’t be shown while customers are at the shopping cart pages.

Also, if a customer has landed from outside the store on a specific product page, the icon won’t be shown immediately but only after some time.


Q: What happens after the customer has seen all the products?

After going over all the products in your store, there are 2 options:

–        If the customer has something in the shopping cart, we open the shopping cart page for him.

–        If the customer didn’t add anything to the cart, we will start showing him the products again.


Q: Future developments in the pipeline

  1. Use our data and AI to suggest the most converting products first.
  2. Product research – Add a product before you start selling it and see if your customers like it or not. Pre-sale if they want to buy.
  3. Customize your Swipify view.



How to choose specific collections to show on swiping mode and set up a collection menu?

In order to choose collections, go to the Swipify dashboard -> settings -> 3. Collection management
Click on the Select button to select collections:
Then, choose the collection you want the customer to see and choose from (click the checkbox next to the collections that you want to be seen):
and click the “Publish button”
That means that only products that are in the collection chosen will be shown to the customers on the Swiping mode.
After that you can enable/disable/preview the menu shown to the customers under the “Show collection menu to users at the beginning of the swiping experience”:


Any ideas or requests? Please let us know at contact@swipify.co or at the contact form