A good description of Swipify is Tinder meets Amazon.

Turn any (boring) Shopify store into an exciting, fresh shopping experience.

Transform any store into a fun, addictive, and profitable celebration.

We will take good care of your mobile traffic.

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Key benefits:

Tinder-like Navigation Design

Customers love shopping this way!

Watching on average more products and spending more time at the store! Super engaged and happy.

Boost store sales & discovery

A better shopping experience means better engagement, increased virality, and more sales.

We witnessed an increase of up to 232% in average session duration, 132% on the number of products added to the cart,

and a 47% increase in sales.

Analyze likes & dislikes data

You can know now for every single item if customers liked it or not.

Learn what are the most liked and most disliked products in the store.

Get customers back to the store and increase sales

We also collect the customers’ emails and send them emails about price drops on items they liked,

more items they may like according to our data, and more.

It takes 30 seconds to install

We are so confident that you’ll love the way your store will perform with Swipify

that we did all we can do to let you try on your own store easily, quickly, and for free.

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The Team

Serial entrepreneurs, founders of startups in domains of online shopping, AR/VR shopping, mobile shopping, AI (deep learning), influencer marketing, and more.

Yoav Fael and Guy Tamir


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